Ju Jitsu Senior Syllabus

Yellow Belt 

1.        Mat Etiquette


2.        Rolling Front Breakfall

3.        Left And Right Side Breakfall

4.        Foreward Breakfall

5.        Back Breakfalls

6.        Front Flip Breakfall


7.        Three Defences From A Front Strangle Attack

8.        Three Defences From A Rear Strangle Attack

Locks And Restraints

9.        Three Straight Arm Locks From A Low Uppercut Punch

10.      Two Shoulder And Arm Restraints


11.      Hip Throw From A Front Punch Attack, Figure 4 Lock

12.      Two Recumbant Ankle Throws

Kicking Techniques

13. Front Kick, Side Kick, Roundhouse And Back Kick To Be Shown


Orange Belt  


1. Four Defences From The Ground Against A Kick To The Head

Throw & Lock Combinations

2. Hip Throw With Step Over Arm Lock

3. Hip Throw With Straight Arm And Shoulder Lock

Locks And Restraints

4. Three Standing Armlocks From An Overhead Attack

5. Three Shoulder And Arm Locks, Two Front And One Rear.


6. Four Defences Against Ground Strangles

7. Breaking Two Hair Grabs From The Front And Rear


8. Reclining Leg Throw With Strikes

Throw And Lock Combinations

9. Three Wrist Locks With Take Down

10. Two Wrist Locks With Throws

Green Belt


1.        Half Shoulder Throw

2.        Body Drop Throw

3.        Two Dropping Shoulder Throws

4.        Attacking And Defending Sweeping Loin Throws

5.        Back Outside Hock Throw

6.        Two Front Hock Throws

7.        Drawing Ankle Throw

8.        Stamp Throw

9.        Two Leg Throws With Locks


10. Two Back Hammer Locks


11.       Five Shoulder Throw Variants

12.      Knee Wheel

13.      Three Rice Bale Throws

14.      Front Scissors & Crab Claw Scissors

Chokes And Strangles

15.      Two Bar Chokes

16.      Kata Of Chokes And Stranglations

Escape Techniques

17.      Two Escapes From A Half Nelson

18.      Two Escapes From A Full Nelson


19. Hold Down With Double Arm Lock (From Head Hip Knee Throw)

Blue Belt


1.         Two Hip And Loin Wheels

2.        Two Dropping Versions Of Body Drops

Escape Techniques

3.        Three Escapes From Front And Rear Head Chancerys

4.        Six Escapes From Front, Side And Rear Garroting Attacks

5.        Four Advanced Escapes From Ground Stangles


6.        Demonstrate Ten Non Escapable Hold Downs

7.        Three Scissor And Naked Choke Holds


8.        Two Spring Hip Throws With Standing Locks

9.        Front And Rear Body Scoops

Escapes And Defensive Techniques

10.       Escapes When Held Over And Under The Arms (Front & Rear –2 Each)

11.       Ten Defences From A Knife Attack


12.      Three Advanced Sleeper Holds

Combination Techniques

13.      Outside Forearm Block, Elbow To Ribs, Backfist To Head, Throw And Finish

14.       Roundhouse Kicks Left And Right Whilst Walking 

Purple Belt


1.          Two Valley Drop Throws

Escape Techniques

2.         Two Counters To Straight Arm Locks

3.         Two Counters To Bar Chokes From Left And Right

4.         Four Counters To Back Arm And Collar Holds

Striking Points

5.         Nerve And Presure Point Kata

6.         Four Techniques Using Nerve And Pressure Points

Combination Techniques

7.         Three Downward Blocks With Strike Into Lock And/Or Takedown


8.         Two Advanced Shoulder Throws

9.         Two Head, Hip And Knee Throws

10.       Two Shoulder Wheel Throws, One Kneeling, One Standing

Escape Techniques

11.       Three Escapes Using Wedge Blocks From Front Neck Grabs

12.       Two Defences Against Being Pinned Against A Wall

13.       Demonstrate All Holding Techniques Both Standing And Prone
Combination Techniques

14.       Front Kick To Side Kick Using One And Two Attackers, Left And Right Leg

Brown Belt


1.          Two Winding Throws Inner And Outer

2.         Variations On All Leg Sweeps Left And Right

3.         Rolling Ankle Throw

4.         Corner Sacrifice Throw

5.         Rear Sacrifice Throw

6.         Short Cross Ankle

7.         Full Body Inner Leg Wheel

8.         Outer Reverse Leg Wheel

9.         Three Stomach Throws, Left, Right And Both Legs

10.       Reverse Stomach Throw From A Full Nelson

11.       Two Outer Hook Throws

Defensive Techniques

12.     Three Defences Against Two Or More Attackers


13.       Five Ways Of Throwing An Attacker From Behind

14.       Dropping Version Of A Reverse Body Drop

15.       Two Shoulder Crashes, Front And Rear

16.       Arm And Shoulder Takedown Into Shoulder And Wrist Lock

17.       Six One Handed Throws

18.       Sweeping Half Shoulder

Escape Techniques

19.       Four Escapes From Being Held By Both Wrists From Behind

20.      Five Defences From Being Pinned Against A Wall

Combination Techniques

21.       Three Blocks Using The Same Hand/Arm, Inner& Outer Modes


22.      Demonstrate Five Wrist Techniques

23.      Kata Of Shoulder Dislocations

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