Guidance for Students


It is the responsibility of the student/instructor to make sure their licence/insurance is in date.

If any student or instructors licence/insurance is out of date they must renew immediately.

Students cannot train at any Bushin Martial Arts Club if thier licence is out of date.

If for any reason your licence gets misplaced , lost or destroyed a replacement will be provided at a charge of £5.

Suits must be clean and tidy.

Students should have the appropriate badge on their suit.

Students must train for the required time before doing their next grading.

Students must pay for thier grading at the start of the grading session, unless otherwise arranged beforehand.

No student will be able to grade without a suit.

No student will be able to grade without a valid licence.

No gradings will be done during normal training sessions.

Grade fees include the issue of a new belt.

If a student fails their grading they must wait until the next grading session.

No refunds will be given for failed gradings and students will have to pay again on the next attempt.

If a student can not make the grading on the date posted they must let their sensei know.

No grade will be recognised without proof of grade

No Bushin Martial Arts grade will be recognised without the correct signature and stamp on the certificate and licence book.

Toe nails & finger nails must be kept short & tidy .

Long hair must be tied back and kept off the face.

If you have any injury before you start training you must inform your instructor .

Any injury occurring during training must be reported and written writen down.

Bad behaviour , swearing , bullying or hitting another student will not be tolerated .

Any student found using karate/jujitsu other than for self defence will be suspended from training or kicked out of Bushin

Any problems with any Bushin product’s (e.g. dvds) not working properly take back to your instructor , a replacement will be provided .

Bushin Martial Arts will not train any student found using karate/jujitsu for anything other than self defence.

No black belt or instructor may open a club under the Bushin Martial Arts identity without permission from Bushin Martial Arts.

Problems with any instructor or student must be reported to Bushin Martial Arts who will take appropriate action.

Insurance and Membership

Health and Safety

It is a requirement of training that all students inform the instructor of any injury or illnes that may affect training. It is possible to train with an injury or illnes, but the instructors will tailor the session to fit an individuals needs and prevent further injury.

It is possible for people with disabilities to train in many martial arts and this is often of benefit to students. Those with disabilities are welcome to discuss the possibilities with Renshi Mark Gerrard.

Child Protection

Bushin Martial Arts insists that all its instructors are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) before instructing junior students.

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