Dan Grades & Instructors

Renshi Mark Gerrard

5th Dan jujitsu

4rd Dan wado ryu karate

3rd Dan karate jutsu

3rd Dan karate-do

3rd Dan iai-jutsu

2nd Dan kobudo

Mark began training in Wado Ryu Karate under the instruction of Sensei Derek Ridgeway in Feb 1992, reaching his Shodan level in August 1996. Mark took his 2nd Dan also with Sensei Derek Ridgeway in April 2001. 3rd dan in October 2004 . In Wado Ryu Karate Mark began assisting his instructor with classes at the first opportunity, from about 7th Kyu onwards, and started taking his own classes at Oswestry Leisure Centre (where he still teaches) in 1995.

He began JuJitsu training when he had reached 1st Kyu in Wado Ryu Karate in early 1996, going through to reach Shodan in September 1999, and his 2nd Dan grading in September 2001, 3rd dan April 2003 and 4th dan in April 2006. He began helping with the children’s classes from 4th Kyu as he had had lots of teaching experience with karate and became a regular instructor with Hankyo Kempo Ju Jitsu by 1999.

Mark also started training in Iaido (Batto Jutsu), the practice of the sword, in which he has completed 7 examinations, (some of which conducted by Kyoshi Seamus Mulholland), and is now a 3rd dan in iai-jutsu .

Mark has been a self employed, full time martial arts instructor since 2000 trading as Bushin Martial Arts, which has over 300 students training.

Mark was awarded the title Renshi on 3rd june 2006

Mark has also had lots of experience in teaching self-defence for a large variety of organisations including local Youth Services, Wrexham youth services, Duke of Edinburgh awards, Ellesmere College, the Grange Secondary School, SCAT , North Shropshire College and various primary and secondary schools in Oswestry and Shropshire.

Renshi Mark Gerrard

Judo 5th Dan

Bushin Jujitsu 2nd Dan

British Judo Association Personal Safety Advisor

Senior Club Coach (UKCC Level 3)

Club Coach Bushin Jujitsu

Geoff has been involved in the martial arts since 1972, he is a former Judo and Jujitsu champion at local, regional and national level, Geoff has practiced Judo all over Europe and in the States, he has been a competitor in grappling and sport jujitsu events, he also trains in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jui-jitsu and Iaijutsu

He is employed as the Senior Youth Officer for Wrexham County Council and has been a full time youth worker for 25 years. Geoff is a qualified coach and is a life member of Wrexham Judo Club. He teaches Judo and Jujitsu and runs personal safety courses for Wrexham County Borough Council and Wrexham Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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