Bushin Martial Arts was formed in 2000 By Sensei Mark Gerrard so that he could have the freedom to teach a variety of martial arts that were not covered by any other single organisation the North Shropshire area.

To begin with Bushin had only a few students training in Ju Jitsu and Wado Ryu karate, but over the years the number of students has rapidly grown to more than 300, and Iai Jutsu and Kobudo have been added to the syllabus.

Sensei Gerrard has continued to train and after obtaining senior dan grades in several martial arts was awarded the title of Renshi in June 2006.

Bushin has built a reputation for training its junior members and takes the care and welfare of children very seriously.

The association welcomes new members who wish to practice in relaxed but demanding atmosphere and tries to bring out the best in all students, what ever their level of commitment.

Mark Gerrard

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